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CAPT Linux driver

(Canon LBP-810, Canon LBP-1120)

By Nicolas Boichat

See also: Canon LBP-660 / LBP-460 Linux driver

I don't maintain this driver anymore, please do not contact me about bugs or problems, unless you provide a fix.



Canon printer using CAPT protocol are GDI printers (or winprinters), using a proprietary and undocumented protocol, that I reverse engineered (see Tools and Techniques).

You can download here a driver for Linux.

You must use an USB cable to connect your printer. If it only has a parallel port, I'm sorry but my driver won't work.

This driver should support both A4 and Letter sized paper, but I only tested it with A4 sized paper.


Install notes

Follow the instructions presented on the README file in the package.

Supported printers and kernel versions

This driver has been reported to work with these kernel versions and distributions:

This driver works with these printers:

It should work with other CAPT printers, but it needs to be confirmed.

Unsupported kernel versions

This driver has been reported NOT to work with these kernel versions:

Tools and Techniques

Here is the way I followed to write this driver:

I installed the Windows driver on a XP computer, then ran and installed USB Snoop to catch USB transmission. And then followed these steps:

Then wait for the page to print, disconnect the USB cable, copy the log file somewhere else and delete the original.

If you only want to analyse the data sent to the printer before it effectively print the page, which is very useful if you don't want to waste paper and let you analyse the compression protocol, just follow these steps after the printer engine starts:


© Nicolas Boichat, Belfaux, March 10 2005